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Tamil television channel GTV in London. Tel:
Tamil Television channel in london

Cee (I) TV Entertainment  UK Ltd 
Tamil Television Channel CITV in London. Tel: 0870 754 3080
Tamil Television Channel in London

Deepam TV
Tamil television channel Deepam TV in London. Tel: 020 8814 6565
Tamil Television Channel in London

IBC – Tamil

Tamil Radio station IBC Tamil in London. Tel: 020 8100 0012
Tamil radio station in london.


Tamil television channel in london. tel: 020 8335 6790
Tamil television station in London

London First Audio
Tamil radio station london first audio in London. Tel: 07956 256 636
Tamil radio stations in London.

Oru Radio

Tamil radio station Oru Radio in London. Tel: 020 7043 4311
London radio station for tamils.

Sangamam Radio    
Tamil radio station Sangamam in London. Tel: 020 8795 0045
Tamil London radio station.

Sun TV Ltd

Tamil television channel SUN TV in London. Tel: 020 8335 6780
London Tamil television channel.

Tamil Section – BBC World Service
Tamil Radio section in BBC world service in London. Tel: 020 7240 3456
Tamil Radio station for Tamil.

Thamil Broadcasting Coporation
Thamil Broadcasting Coporation in London .Tel: 020 8869 9994
london tamil radio broadcasting station.

Thendral FM
Tamil Radio Station Thendral in London. Tel : 020 8586 9636
London Tamil Radio station.

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