R S Autotech Ltd

Address :   Unit 6A
Wadsworth Road
Telephone :   020 8997 6693 / 5037
Mobile :   07950 478 295 / 07863 349 964
Fax :   020 8810 6074
E-mail :   p.philip@rsautotech.co.uk
website :   www.rsautotech.co.uk/

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R S Autotech Ltd

* Servicing
* Brakes
* Exhaust
* Starters / Alternaters
* Suspensions
* Air Condition Services
* Tyres
* Wheel Balancing
* MOT (Arranged)
* MOT Repairs
* Clutch
* Timing Belt
* Engine Replacement
* Electrical Works
* Diagnostics (ABS, Air Bag Lights, Engine Management Light)
* Body works / Estimate (Arranged)
* Warranty Jobs

We are experts in automotive repair and servicing, in a garage located in Perivale, London. With an experience of over ten years on all brands, with a strong network of professionals and experts on background ; we can ensure you a "100% service satisfaction". We can help you to cope with all the difficulties and imperatives that you may experience with the use of your vehicle. To get more details on our expertise and quality commitment, we invite you to browse our web site and contact us for any questions or making an appointment, for a free and non undertaking diagnosis.

Ex. Technician at Franch - Italian car dealerships. Repairs and Servicing carried out to all makes and moldels.

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Mon, 4th April 2011, 9 : 23 am
  Done a very good repair works on my car. Good technicians. I will recoment this garage for repair woks.




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