Supreme Marine Chemicals

Address :   23/4A Ramalinga Nagar I Street
Vasantha Nagar
Telephone :   +91 452 659 0617
Mobile :   +91 934 556 8902
Fax :   +91 452 436 5578
E-mail :
website :

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About Supreme Marine Chemicals

We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the few manufacturers and traders of Agar-Agar all grades,Seaweed E-cottonii ,Seaweed Fertilizers, Natural manure (Fertilizers), Vermi Compost, Coco peat(Coir Pith) Appalam, Herbal Tea,Salt, Hand made Greetings, Betel nut leaf plate, Cotton gloves( for car cleaning purpose) Wooden Carved Articles and Natural Plate , ect.. in India



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